Medium hair comb, silver metal

Medium hair comb, golden metal

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A very flamenco design inspired in the typical latticework of Andalusian patios. The perfect design, to give this special flamenco twist to your look. Easy to wear, these haircombs are the ultimate touch for any outfit. This exquisite hair comb have a very original pattern, ideal to give this special flamenco twist to your look. “Peineta” (Hair comb) is a decorative head piece usually worn by flamenco dancers as a beautiful ornament for the head. It is also used today under a “Mantilla”, (lace head covering), during special occasions such as weddings, bullfights and Easter celebrations. Worn exclusively by women, it consists of a convex body and a set of teeth that affix it to hair worn normally in a bun or pony tail. “Peinetas” were once made of tortoise shell, but are now usually made of synthetic materials such as acrylic or plastic. The origin of the “peineta” goes back to the 19th century in Spain, but there is evidence of its use on the Iberian Peninsula as early as the 5th century BCE and in other areas from the 17th century.